Get Connected:

1. Join the One Team Network Email List (this is the list of the crown above us, John Altshuler) go here:​

2. There are two text groups to join. One Team Network is Crown John Altshuler’s Team. He is the crown directly above us. To join his texting network and get notifications of training calls and important company info: Text the word “TeamOne 108” to the number 797979 Just as it is shown but without quotations.

3. Team One is the over-arching team of 2 star Crown Jodi Agueda. You will also see Ian Farrar in this group – he is the 4 star crown at the top of our team. To get her updates and team call notifications, text the word “TeamOne” to 797979. Just as it is shown and without quotations.

4. Make sure you are signed up for the corporate weekly newsletter. A lot of things you need for your business will be in that newsletter which is emailed every Monday. Go to
Click on “Account” and then “Notifications.”
There you can see if you are opted in to receive emails from Corporate. You can also find the most recent newsletter under “Resources/Company news”.
Under the “Account” tab you can also personalize your Purium information.

5. One more texting platform–this one is for Corporate:

  • If you live in the USA, text the number 55678 in your messaging app
  • If you live in Canada, text the number 70734 in your messaging app
  • Send the Word PURIUM to get more information about the business opportunity
  • Send the word CBD to get more information about our new CBD+ 1500
  • Send the Word TRANSFORMATION when you start a 10 day or 40-day transformation for automatic text support through your cleanse program
  • Send the word TEAMSANDOVAL to get all the latest information about what’s happening with the business to your phone, including call and event alerts, and even product specials!

6. Join these Facebook Pages/Groups:

7. Follow:

8. If you are in Colorado, sign up to hear about Colorado events HERE.