The Ol’ Days

God I miss the old days. When I was single and I’d meet people and be friends with them. Or not. Based on whether I liked them or they liked me. Or if they made me laugh or I made them laugh. Or even if we just happened to always find ourselves at the same place at the same time. We had fun, we hung out, we were spontaneous, we were irresponsible. Then you get a significant other, and then you have to hang out with other couples. It starts getting harder. You both have to like them both, or at least tolerate them. You have to like to do at least one thing together, whether it be going out for drinks, or movies, or bowling… whatever. But then you have kids and all the spontaneity is gone. And you not only have to like this other couple, but you have to at least tolerate their offspring. And your parenting styles have to mesh somehow.  And it becomes so impossible to meet and get along with other families that the probability of it working out is like 1/1,000,000,000. Seriously, it’d be easier to win the lottery. And then try being a vegetarian and finding other families that can either be vegetarian or deal with it without making a huge fuss over it. Ha. And then try having dreads and tattoos and skull plugs and see if anyone wants to hang out with you. Double ha. And then add in being a chemical free family and you’re just screwed. I admit I’ve met some really nice people lately. And i would love to hang out with them as friends, maybe as a couple friendship. We like to drink. We like to go out and have fun.  But then add in the kids… well… I’m not gonna go into it, but it is not working out. Why does it have to be so freakin’ hard?!? I keep thinking that if we could just get out of this midwest conservative area, we could meet people that we would mesh with easier. When we visited Austin, there were crazy, chemical free, tattooed people everywhere. I didn’t stand out like some gangrenous thumb. It’s not that i’m judging people, it just gets awkward when your daughter wants to play with other kids, and ends up coming home with blue lips from the chemical “blue juice”, eyeshadow and  marker all over her face, wearing clothes that smell like a hooker slept in them for a week straight, and telling me about all the candy she has eaten. So much for our “chemical free” life. She just ingested enough to make up for the last three years. And they’re constantly asking us how our “dandelion salad” is or to pick up some seaweed for them at the store. Too bad they don’t even realize that those foods are jokes to them but are actually in the cupboard at this moment.

So obviously it is me.

But i sure do miss the old days. Punkrockearthmother sad. again. over and out.