Poison Poison All Around

So my neighbors are all spraying their grass this week. I want to vomit. I want to stage a sit in. I want to go over there with all of my research and show them how horrible it is for them, their kids, plants, birds, bunnies, squirrels, our water supply… Ugh. Doesn’t it seem obvious to you? The packaging on those poisons says “Warning; poisonous; do not ingest.” It says it is “harmful or deadly to animals and wildlife.” The EPA’s website actually says “Pesticides cause cancer in children” in bold print. Right out in the open. This is the EPA admitting that. And yet people continue to choose the way their lawn looks over the health of themselves, and their children. And, because we are right next door, they are choosing to poison MY CHILD and MY DOG, and MY VEGETABLE GARDEN, and MY BOYFRIEND. And ME DAMMIT!!! Is that fair? I was wondering if I could take them to court for spraying my lawn with their over-spray. I bet I could at the very least make a huge stink and alert more people to the dangers of pesticides and herbicides. I’m making a last bid to beg my neighbor (who is actually a nice person) to not spray hers. I might just make her hate me. I tend to do that quite easily. I’m sure my boyfriend will be super-pissed to find out that I would even attempt to talk them out of it. I’m being nice. 😉

Could someone please explain it to me? I guess they think it’s like a small price to pay for a beautiful lawn. Your lawn defines you, don’t you know. It actually says something about your manhood. Same with your car.


Punkrockearthmother fostering a maddening bubble of rage within.