Organic Food isn’t hippies Dancing around a campfire, it’s just safer food. Organic food, 5 reasons WHYYYYYY

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It lowers your toxic burden. Did you know we all are cups and we can only hold so many toxins? AND Many of us with certain genetic snps can actually handle very little. Non-organic food contributes to this cup and once your cup is full, it begins to overflow and that’s where problems arise.


Organic foods have higher levels of phytochemicals, nutrients, and anti-oxidants. These are why we eat fruits and veggies in the first place! So food that has more of these would be AWESOME!!


Glyphosate (Round-up’s main ingredient) is a chelator, meaning it strips your body of certain vitamins and minerals. AND its and anti-biotic so it kills your bad bacteria AND your good bacteria. We need our bacteria!!


Conventional produce has much higher levels of cadmium, which is a toxic heavy metal and a known carcinogen.


Pesticides are linked to cancer, ADHD, developmental delays, leaky gut… the list goes on and on. I recommend the book, The Toxin that Came to Dinner, by David Sandoval. Or look up the Institute for Responsible Technology, It has soooo much info on this stuff. I saw Jeffrey Smith speak and the studies are just amazing on pesticides.

If you struggle with buying organic, I can help you! I do have a video on ways to afford organic on youtube here or I have a 40 day program that is organic superfood nutrition for 9$ a day!! There are ways to make it more affordable, message me for details!