Every Little Thing She does is Magic

mwah. Kisses to you. I’ve been away so long and totally missed this blog, but never touched it. I don’t know why. I think my negative word vomit from those last posts really turned me off from writing anymore. Which is stupid, since I could’ve just erased them. They were my dang words after all. I annoy myself sometimes.

So what’s been happening with me? I had a baby over a year ago and she is super clingy, super attached to mom baby. I can’t leave the room. But I’ll get into that later. Tryin to stay positive here.
We also moved halfway across the country. I had never been to colorado before, but now I find myself here and loving it. It’s a little more hippie than I would like, I think, but that also means I find crunchy types that understand that side of me. And that’s awesome. It was so frickin hard being in the Midwest and trying to maintain that chem-free lifestyle. I was like that crazy stinky homeless hippie that people try to ignore on the street. People just assumed that I was batshit crazy and ignored me. (You saw the old blog posts!) I had a constant anger issue with my kid’s school because they just kept feeding her junk even though I asked them countless times to knock it off. It caused me many sweaty, angry, sleepless nights. BUT here I am in kinda crunchy colorado and I’m ok. People get it here. They love local. They love gluten free. They love, well no, they don’t love vegans, but they offer them sustenance and leave them alone.   And the mountains are amazing. Every single day. Wow!! And there are chiropractors and acupuncturists and TCM practitioners crawling out of the woodwork. I love that. And everyone here has tattoos. It’s actually kinda crazy because I’m not expecting it. Love it.

But mostly I’m just getting by. Not sleeping because the lil wingnut won’t sleep at night. Not doing much because the lil wingnut won’t let me. I think I’ve showered alone 3 times since she’s been born. Yikes. Any other moms out there?? I just try to keep in mind that it’ll get better. It’s my mantra. It’ll get better and I need to appreciate this baby time while it’s here, because I WILL miss it. Someday. She is super cute! But sooo hard. Zzzzzzz I’m falling asleep on myself. Good night, sleep tight. Hope you all get more than two hours at a stretch, unlike me.