Do you have bees in your EARS? Tinnitus SUCKS! Here’s some things you can try!



DUUUUUUDE… Tinnitus sucks, right? Sometimes it seems like its going away and then it will come back with A VENGEANCE and beat on you hard! The problem is, nobody knows exactly what causes it, especially because it can have different causes in different people. It is really just a symptom of something else happening in the body.

So here’s a list of things that can help, but DON’T try them all at once! If you do get better, you will never know which one worked and you’ll be stuck taking 12 things for EVAH because you won’t know. AND your body doesn’t like when you take this many herbals all at once for a long period of time, it will probably be too much for it, so TAKE IT EASY!! Most of these are oral ingestion. Some are put into your ears, so BE GENTLE! NEVER EVER FORCE stuff into your ears. Put a single drop near the entrance to your ear canal and then lay down on your side and let the drop slide deeper into your canal. If you tolerate that and it doesn’t hurt, then you can try another. Don’t put too much and fill up your canal. You will leak oil all day and it will be super awkward!

1. Ginkgo biloba- can take three months OR MORE if the cause is damage to the inner ear.

2. Black Cohosh- if your tinnitus is caused by a serotonin deficiency, this can help if               you combine it with Ginkgo.

3. Fenugreek Seeds- Drink this tea 3xs or more per day

4. Plantain- if you don’t know, you eat this.

5. Goldenseal- If your tinnitus is caused by excess mucous, this can help. This is a                    SHORT TERM HERB!

6. Sesame Oil- This is an Ayurvedic treatment, massage ears and neck and put a few                drops into your ear. BE CAREFUL AND GO SLOWLY!!! DO NOT JAM STUFF INTO                  YOUR EARS! Drop it in near the front and lay down on your side so it rolls in                        slowly.

7. Onion- Have you heard of using onions for infections? Squeeze some onion juice                  and put a couple of drops into your ear. Again, BE CAREFUL!!!

8. Passionflower- This regulates circulation and neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters            send nerve impulses into different parts of your body, which could be involved in               creating the tinnitus. It is very calming and can also help with stress and sleep.                   Take this orally.

9. Horsetail- Silica – I have a really great source of this here and if you buy 3 , you                      WILL get 50$ off as a gift from me.

10. Rosemary- If your tinnitus is related to high blood pressure, rosemary can increase            circulation and strengthen blood vessels.

11. Sunflower seeds- If your tinnitus is related to an infection, such as EBV or STREP,               the Zinc in these seeds will help. I would go to your doctor and see if they can test                 your ears and body for these and other infections. These can be chronic viruses t               that effect multiple systems in your body and if your doc won’t test for them, try to             find a practitioner that will. I can help with that!

12. Chiropractic or acupuncture- If your tinnitus is related to a misalignment, then a                   chiropractor can help. It could also be your VAGUS NERVE, so find a chiropractor               who really knows what she is doing!

Good Luck! Tinnitus can be a tricky foe, so I hope you can find something that will work for you!