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Do kids REALLY hate veggies?


This is a question I get a LOT. Like A LOT.

Why do we have such a problem with veggies?

First of all, we aren’t giving kids veggies when they are first eating. Most parents give their kids rice, then fruit, then meat, then sugar, and somewhere along the line the kids miss out on their chance to experience vegetables. And then when we try to give them veggies later, they say they taste funny.

I also have issue with the way doctors tell parents that nutrition doesn’t matter (wrong!) and that “they will eat veggies later” ( wrong!) and to let kids eat what they  ( also WRONG!). This particular soap box is one of my bigger pet peeves. Let’s just say the whole system is kind of broken. So who do we turn to for nutrition advice? The answer is definitely not our pediatricians. They don’t take very much nutrition in med school and most don’t even see a connection between diet and health. This is very disturbing.

To find nutrition advice these days I would find a holistic nutritionist or even a book about feeding our babies whole foods ( meaning fruits AND veggies) from the very beginning. Nutrition is just as important for a baby as for an adult, and even more so. Nutrition makes or breaks a persons health. And for babies, letting them taste and feel vegetables early is one of the most important things you can do for your child.

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There are so many books on amazon when I do a quick search, it should be easy to find something good to use.


BUT let’s say that you didn’t know this and your child is now a toddler or older and they won’t eat veggies.

What to do now?

Well, my first question is to you- do YOU eat your veggies? Because we both know that kids will do what you do, not what you say. So you have to start incorporating veggies into your diet. This is imperative. You can’t be trying to get kids to eat theirs when you make faces or don’t eat yours. That’s the law of kiddom #312. BE A GOOD EXAMPLE.

Your palette will change. You CAN start to like them and so will your kids. BE PATIENT.

Set up rules. The two bite rule. And keep trying. Sometimes you have to serve a veggie 10 times before they will eat it. BUT they almost always will end up eating it. Even when you’re exhausted and you don’t want to argue, keep the rules! BE CONSISTENT!

Talk about nutrition and WHY they should eat their veggies. My kids can read nutrition labels! Tell them one way that each veggie can help them. Carrots are good for eyes, Broccoli is good for their brains… Talk about health. MAKE IT IMPORTANT and UNDERSTANDABLE.

STOP, for the love of GOD, STOP calling them PICKY!

Kids hear this and hold on to this label. Don’t call them picky, don’t tell your friends that they don’t eat veggies, DON’T tell them that they have “never liked” their veggies… Try to use positivity instead. “You are absolutely gonna love veggies!” “Veggies are fantastic and they taste amazing!” Don’t force it, I mean use your own language, but talk about it like its GOING to happen. And it will. Talk about veggies like they are magical! DON’T LABEL KIDS!

Did you know that studies show that if you teach good nutrition at home, then the kids will teach their friends and they will influence many other people? If they taught it in school, kids would teach their parents. Kids influence their parents as well, so teaching them nutrition is so important! KIDS ARE ADAPTIVE and LOVE TO LEARN!

So what if you are doing all this and its still not happening…

  1. Hide them– there are many sneaky ways to get veggies into kids. For example, I put lentils and mushrooms and spinach chopped up really fine into our spaghetti. You can make zucchini bread instead of banana bread. You can get awesome veggie powders lemon flavored veggies for and you can put them into muffins, brownies, or just regular veggie powder veggie burgers or even meat burgers… So many fabulous ways to sneak it in. (Coupon for 50$ off those veggie powders is Prem10)
  2.  Bribery- If they want a snack, they need to eat their veggies. That is the rule in my house. If they want the ipad, they have to eat their veggies. Or make veggies the reward. I have an amazing chocolate dessert hummus recipe that would be a great snack!    I know, I know, bribery isn’t necessarily the best thing, but I believe that vegetables are that important. And once they start eating them, it won’t be such a hardship.
  3.  Smoothies- Smoothies can be an amazing way to get veggies into kids. Most kids will eat the heck out of these. Just make sure its not all fruit. Cucumbers and carrots and spinach all have light tastes that can be disguised with fruit. Or you can try the lemon flavored veggies – they taste like lemon tea and make things very yummy!
  4. ZINC- If they are still really genuinely not liking their food, they could have other issues. Low zinc could be one, or a candida or gluten issue (only wanting carbs), etc. I would recommend a nice holistic functional doctor at that point.


I hope this helps! And as always, feel free to comment below or message me for more help in this area!


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Organic Food isn’t hippies Dancing around a campfire, it’s just safer food. Organic food, 5 reasons WHYYYYYY

skullNUMBER 1

It lowers your toxic burden. Did you know we all are cups and we can only hold so many toxins? AND Many of us with certain genetic snps can actually handle very little. Non-organic food contributes to this cup and once your cup is full, it begins to overflow and that’s where problems arise.


Organic foods have higher levels of phytochemicals, nutrients, and anti-oxidants. These are why we eat fruits and veggies in the first place! So food that has more of these would be AWESOME!!


Glyphosate (Round-up’s main ingredient) is a chelator, meaning it strips your body of certain vitamins and minerals. AND its and anti-biotic so it kills your bad bacteria AND your good bacteria. We need our bacteria!!


Conventional produce has much higher levels of cadmium, which is a toxic heavy metal and a known carcinogen.


Pesticides are linked to cancer, ADHD, developmental delays, leaky gut… the list goes on and on. I recommend the book, The Toxin that Came to Dinner, by David Sandoval. Or look up the Institute for Responsible Technology, It has soooo much info on this stuff. I saw Jeffrey Smith speak and the studies are just amazing on pesticides.

If you struggle with buying organic, I can help you! I do have a video on ways to afford organic on youtube here or I have a 40 day program that is organic superfood nutrition for 9$ a day!! There are ways to make it more affordable, message me for details!

breakin’ the law

Taking my daughter to the ‘natural doctor’ today. She is soooo allergic to cats and it has gotten out of hand. My friend has cats and was sitting in our car in the front with my daughter in the back seat behind her, and my daughter started sneezing and her nose began to run.  Because she was in the same car as someone with cats. Yikes. This natural doctor is technically a chiropractor with other fields of study such as nutrition and acupuncture. Hopefully homeopathy, too. It is out of pocket since they don’t take most insurance, so it’ll be expensive. I wonder how these doctors can even make a living. I would love to become a naturopath, but they’re not even licensed in most states. Most insurance won’t cover ‘natural’ treatments, and the universities aren’t even offered federal student aid. Trust me, i have looked into it.

I’ve been feeling guilty, like our chem-free lifestyle has somehow created an allergy within my daughter. Or something she eats has made her so allergic. She was fine with cats until about last year at this time. My mother lived with us and she has two cats. But suddenly, one day, my daughter started coughing when she was around the cats, and then she started getting puffy, and it became bad within a week. It is so strange. Luckily we were moving out at that time, and so we are now cat free, but she can’t even be in my mom’s house any more than a few minutes. Yesterday we had to go over and she was inside the house for no more than 10 minutes. She must’ve touched something and then touched her eye, because her eyelids swelled and got purple and it looked like she had gotten punched.  But she never coughed, though, which is what she usually does. So that was strange.
I just think our society is so messed up. We can’t even choose the way we heal. We are pretty much forced by insurance companies and by pharmaceutical companies to go with medications and medical doctors that will only choose that route. I am so against all of that. I know that my daughter’s doctor would just tell me to give her Benedryl or offer some time of shot or medication. They would never ask about her nutrition or lifestyle. Nutrition can cure at least 90% of all ailments. No joke. But typical western medical doctors don’t have to learn anything about nutrition-they usually take 1 semester or less of nutrition. Crazy, huh? Other countries heal with nutrition. Ours ‘heals’ with drugs that tend to make us more sick and break something else within our body. They want us sick and broken and tied to some medication forever. Unhealthy America.

off the soapbox for the day. over and out.

TAke It AWay

So… I have crossed my own “too much” line lately. My body is in revolt.

I have been trying to give up sugar. Sugar is awful for you, mostly processed, toxic, and trashes your moods, hormones, etc. But i am a frickin addict. I need a meeting, seriously. I have been known to sit down and eat an entire bag of sour gummy worms in one sitting. I remember vacations and parties by my candy of choice for that period of time. A certain trip to Wisconsin reminds me of Pixie Stix. Junior High is Tart and Tinys. Softball is Wacky Wafers (which they don’t make any more, incidentally- i’ve searched and searched). Now, granted, it has been a long while since I have sat and polished off a pound of hard candy. I have really really slowed down in the past year. Having a child really makes you account for everything you say and do, and I can’t say, “No, you can’t have that!” and then sit there and eat it later. WRONG!!! (Although, I can remember my own mother doing that to me-maybe that’s where my addiction started?!?)   ANYWAYS…

I have been giving a lot of things up in the past few years, and I think sugar might be just toooooo much. It started when I quit drinking soda about 8? years ago. I was a diet soda-aholic. I was Queen Diet Coke. I would have a 32 oz. soda for breakfast. I drank at least a 6 pack a day. Then I read that caramel color was bad for you, and then I started thinking about soda and how disgusting it looks. I mean seriously, brown soda looks like sludge. You can pour it on your car battery and it eats away the rust and acid. Really?!? And then i put that into my body? Seems like a bad idea. So i had to wean myself off of it. Then I quit smoking. Sad, sad times. Then I quit chemical cleaners (though i still adore the smell of comet. sigh.). Then I quit meat (which actually was the easiest thing for me). But see you get the idea. I have tried to quit makeup and hair dye, too… yeah, that’s not workin’ out so good, either. Makeup is easiest because there are natural replacements. And being a stay-at-home mom… well, let’s just say i don’t wear it much anyways. What’s the point? Hair dye is a hard one, too. i tried henna and it drives me insane. It is cool putting green thick glop on your head, and it makes my hair so healthy and natural, but so far, the color leaves me wanting. I do love a good purple. Purple henna? Not so much. Maybe if i threw some blueberries into the henna…     Ok i am losing my train…

So I’m still working on the hair dye. I tried synthetic dreadlocks for color, and that way I could leave my natural hair color and change dreads all the time and have whatever color i want, but I am allergic to them. It is also like trying to sleep on a bail of hay- not super comfy. Not condusive to sleeping, especially as I can’t sleep anyways. So now I am considering real dreads. I could put extensions on with colors on the tips of my own hair. I just don’t want to look like a hippy. No offense, but I really prefer the goth dread look. Hair is an accessory- it should be different colors.

But sugar… i love it. Since I’ve given it up i feel like I have given up everything. I feel like there is nothing to wake up for. My mouth is so bored I think my tongue has packed its bags and left. I’m not even craving sugar anymore, it just feels… empty. lonely. I’ve tried honey and yogurt and other things to give my mouth something to look forward to, but nothing works. Of course i’m also feeling better, no headaches, no afternoon energy crashes… Interesting. Such a trade off. So I don’t know. I guess I just push on. Maybe I can get addicted to something else that I won’t have to take away. But what the hell is left, seriously?!? Salsa? cocoa powder? sniffing baking soda?

punkrockearthmother sad.