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“Worry worry worry baby Worry is all I can do…”

 Thank you, BB King for those amazing lyrics.

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Hey, are you struggling with anxiety? That stinky, mean, old, crusty, jerkface, Anxiety? I have definitely wrestled with it. I used to be on meds for it. I couldn’t handle crowds, or family events, or work… I would pop a short term anxiety med and then go ahead and climb right into the fire. Or I sometimes would drink to decrease social anxiety. Ok, not just sometimes- A LOT.

Well, these things are not the best choices! Alcohol causes major vitamin deficiencies, which in turn, cause more ANXIETY and DEPRESSION, not to mention other large chronic problems! So we can’t use that as a crutch! And the anxiety meds are also linked to dementia, cancer, obesity, liver problems, and, you guessed it, ANXIETY! What?!? The pharmaceuticals for anxiety can GIVE YOU Anxiety? Yep!! So we want to try to stay away from those too.

So what the heck can we use?

Well, here is my top ten list for the best natural support for ANXIETY! Ready? Here we go!

1. CBD- Have you tried this? It can be LIFE CHANGING! If you don’t know anything about it and would like more info, I have a page RIGHT HERE on my blog with a video all about it, and the cbds that I recommend, so check that out from the tab at the top! My FAV CBD!!

2. GABA and L-Theanine- Gaba is a neurotransmitter that calms down your brain and L-Theanine is an amino acid that also is very calming, so these two together will relax you and your brain and hopefully help you sleep as well! Here is what I use; put my code, prem10,  in for 50$ off of a 75$ purchase! YEAH! ANXIETY SPRAY AWAY!

3. Essential Oils- Have you tried these? OMG They can be used for so many things! And there are so many great Essential Oils for anxiety. The ones I like to use for calming are Myrrh, Cypress, Vetiver, Lemonbalm, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Patchouli. But as always, PLEASE be careful with Essential Oils!! They are VERY strong and aren’t always safe straight from the bottle! Always dilute them with a carrier oil and go low and slow!   How I would use these is take one drop of the essential oil and put into a  of Tablespoon of coconut oil or jojoba oil or some other innocuous oil and then rub on my temples, the back of my neck, my lower back, on my forehead, or my wrists. Just please be careful! This one is pre-blended for you and you can roll it right on! wow! Roll on sleep help!!

Another way to get the benefits of Essential Oils is to buy a Hydrosol instead. These have the powers of the oils but are safe for children and adults, as they are the much less concentrated and are blended into water. These you can use as perfumes, toner, freshening sprays for clothing or skin… so many great uses, without the safety concerns of essential oils! This explains more about them and this is one of my favorite companies to buy from. hydrosols

4. Valerian- this is a very calming herb and can be used in tonic or tea form.

5. Gingko Biloba- This increases blood flow to the brain and may help with calming.

6. AShwaganda- This is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it adapts to what your body needs at the time. It is very calming and soothing.

7. Passionflower- This is another great calming herb, and you can find it in this blend. It is also good for calming in children! Here is what I recommend for adults, don’t forget the 50$ off code for this, prem10. calming pack adults       calm for kids

8. Licorice tea- This can be good for many things, including calming and digestive issues. Love that double whammy, right?

9. Kava Kava- This is a truly calming herb and is also included in the calming adult pack!

10. Ginseng- This one is interesting, because while it does help with calm, it also gives energy, so try this one in the morning!


I hope you can get relief with one or more of these! Let me know if anything has helped you! And get some REST!!

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Do you have bees in your EARS? Tinnitus SUCKS! Here’s some things you can try!



DUUUUUUDE… Tinnitus sucks, right? Sometimes it seems like its going away and then it will come back with A VENGEANCE and beat on you hard! The problem is, nobody knows exactly what causes it, especially because it can have different causes in different people. It is really just a symptom of something else happening in the body.

So here’s a list of things that can help, but DON’T try them all at once! If you do get better, you will never know which one worked and you’ll be stuck taking 12 things for EVAH because you won’t know. AND your body doesn’t like when you take this many herbals all at once for a long period of time, it will probably be too much for it, so TAKE IT EASY!! Most of these are oral ingestion. Some are put into your ears, so BE GENTLE! NEVER EVER FORCE stuff into your ears. Put a single drop near the entrance to your ear canal and then lay down on your side and let the drop slide deeper into your canal. If you tolerate that and it doesn’t hurt, then you can try another. Don’t put too much and fill up your canal. You will leak oil all day and it will be super awkward!

1. Ginkgo biloba- can take three months OR MORE if the cause is damage to the inner ear.

2. Black Cohosh- if your tinnitus is caused by a serotonin deficiency, this can help if               you combine it with Ginkgo.

3. Fenugreek Seeds- Drink this tea 3xs or more per day

4. Plantain- if you don’t know, you eat this.

5. Goldenseal- If your tinnitus is caused by excess mucous, this can help. This is a                    SHORT TERM HERB!

6. Sesame Oil- This is an Ayurvedic treatment, massage ears and neck and put a few                drops into your ear. BE CAREFUL AND GO SLOWLY!!! DO NOT JAM STUFF INTO                  YOUR EARS! Drop it in near the front and lay down on your side so it rolls in                        slowly.

7. Onion- Have you heard of using onions for infections? Squeeze some onion juice                  and put a couple of drops into your ear. Again, BE CAREFUL!!!

8. Passionflower- This regulates circulation and neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters            send nerve impulses into different parts of your body, which could be involved in               creating the tinnitus. It is very calming and can also help with stress and sleep.                   Take this orally.

9. Horsetail- Silica – I have a really great source of this here and if you buy 3 , you                      WILL get 50$ off as a gift from me.

10. Rosemary- If your tinnitus is related to high blood pressure, rosemary can increase            circulation and strengthen blood vessels.

11. Sunflower seeds- If your tinnitus is related to an infection, such as EBV or STREP,               the Zinc in these seeds will help. I would go to your doctor and see if they can test                 your ears and body for these and other infections. These can be chronic viruses t               that effect multiple systems in your body and if your doc won’t test for them, try to             find a practitioner that will. I can help with that!

12. Chiropractic or acupuncture- If your tinnitus is related to a misalignment, then a                   chiropractor can help. It could also be your VAGUS NERVE, so find a chiropractor               who really knows what she is doing!

Good Luck! Tinnitus can be a tricky foe, so I hope you can find something that will work for you!

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Taking my daughter to the ‘natural doctor’ today. She is soooo allergic to cats and it has gotten out of hand. My friend has cats and was sitting in our car in the front with my daughter in the back seat behind her, and my daughter started sneezing and her nose began to run.  Because she was in the same car as someone with cats. Yikes. This natural doctor is technically a chiropractor with other fields of study such as nutrition and acupuncture. Hopefully homeopathy, too. It is out of pocket since they don’t take most insurance, so it’ll be expensive. I wonder how these doctors can even make a living. I would love to become a naturopath, but they’re not even licensed in most states. Most insurance won’t cover ‘natural’ treatments, and the universities aren’t even offered federal student aid. Trust me, i have looked into it.

I’ve been feeling guilty, like our chem-free lifestyle has somehow created an allergy within my daughter. Or something she eats has made her so allergic. She was fine with cats until about last year at this time. My mother lived with us and she has two cats. But suddenly, one day, my daughter started coughing when she was around the cats, and then she started getting puffy, and it became bad within a week. It is so strange. Luckily we were moving out at that time, and so we are now cat free, but she can’t even be in my mom’s house any more than a few minutes. Yesterday we had to go over and she was inside the house for no more than 10 minutes. She must’ve touched something and then touched her eye, because her eyelids swelled and got purple and it looked like she had gotten punched.  But she never coughed, though, which is what she usually does. So that was strange.
I just think our society is so messed up. We can’t even choose the way we heal. We are pretty much forced by insurance companies and by pharmaceutical companies to go with medications and medical doctors that will only choose that route. I am so against all of that. I know that my daughter’s doctor would just tell me to give her Benedryl or offer some time of shot or medication. They would never ask about her nutrition or lifestyle. Nutrition can cure at least 90% of all ailments. No joke. But typical western medical doctors don’t have to learn anything about nutrition-they usually take 1 semester or less of nutrition. Crazy, huh? Other countries heal with nutrition. Ours ‘heals’ with drugs that tend to make us more sick and break something else within our body. They want us sick and broken and tied to some medication forever. Unhealthy America.

off the soapbox for the day. over and out.